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Holocube Interactive
ServicesInteractive Hologram
ClientENEC WFES 2020
LocationAbu Dhabi, UAE
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We created an array of experiences to showcase ENEC history, mission and values :

Holocube Interactive hologram: ENEC’s future plans and their current developments are displayed through an interactive hologram, complete with relevant data and information on UAE’s energy consumption. An activation proved to be extremely educational and useful for the visitors.

Interactive Timeline: The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation is responsible for the management of Nuclear energy in the U.A.E. Through our Interactive Timeline, we presented their history- year by year, screen by screen- of the work they’ve achieved, with the final screen ‘2019 and beyond’ representing ENEC’s plans for the future.


Immersive Screen:
Showcase your projects on a large scale. Select the chosen
content on a tablet and mirror it live on the large screen,
controlling the motion through body movement.

Infinity Mirror Tunnel:

A spectacular display of optical illusion, this activation was used for ENEC
to show the process of nuclear energy fusion from the inside of the nuclear
plant. The Infinity Mirror has proved to be a fascinating way to showcase
this process in its full form, giving the viewers an educational and
immersive experience.


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